Why Choose Simplified Education

Why Choose Simplified Education?

Simplified Education is run by Agnes Mamerga, who is not just an experienced teacher but a dedicated parent.  We have the educational knowledge – and recognise the level of commitment needed – to make your child’s learning a success.

What makes us distinct from other agencies is our emphasis on providing sustained support throughout the teaching process. At regular intervals, we will ask you – and the tutor – to provide us with feedback.  This will help us to verify that the tuition process is working for your child.

Our tutors are also fully assessed before they are offered any work to ensure they have the right academic credentials and relevant classroom and tutoring experience.

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Who Benefits from our Services?

The parents, child and tutor. As well as listening to your feedback, we also foster strong relationships with our tutors by regularly reviewing their progress and providing them with any additional training that they may need.


Who Needs Extra Tuition?

Maybe your child needs additional support to help them overcome a specific barrier with their learning. Perhaps they show great talent in a particular area, but need expert guidance to help them reach their potential. Either way – and regardless of their level of ability – extra tuition will be of great benefit to them.


Who Are your Tutors and What are their Expectations?

Our tutors are highly-experienced in their subject area and used to working with children of all different ages and abilities. Before offering them work we will check that they are suitably qualified. We will also make sure that they have significant classroom and tutoring experience.


Which Geographical Areas Do You Cover?

Our learning centres are situated in Croydon and Wallingon , Surrey. However, we will do everything we can to accommodate your request if you live outside of these areas.


When Can I Start the Home or After School Tuition?

The minimum age for attending is 4 years old and 30% of our children fall into this age-range. However, we do not believe in restricting access to learning, and so your child will be welcome, no matter how old they are. Please contact us to discuss which tuition package might better suit your needs.


How Can I Cancel or Change a Lesson?

You would need to call us directly (07870 906 047).  We understand that your circumstances can change unexpectedly and so – for Home Tuition – we only require 24 hours' notice prior to the start of the lesson. If you need to cancel an After School session, then we will try and reallocate your child to a different date. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer you a refund.


Do I Have to Pay If I'm Running Late?

We appreciate that things don’t always run to plan. For this reason, your tutor will wait for fifteen minutes before abandoning the lesson. If you turn up after this time then, unfortunately, you will still be charged. You will not be penalised if you are late for an After School, but your child will be losing out on valuable learning time. We want you to get the best possible value for money and so would encourage you to be as prompt as possible.


Do I Need to Buy Books or Worksheets?

For Home Tutoring you do not need to incur any additional expenses. Our tutors need to prepare lesson plans that comply with the National Curriculum and so they will already have the necessary books and worksheets. All we ask is that you provide any stationery or equipment required for the lesson (for example: pens, crayons, a geometry set and dictionary). You do not need to bring anything to an After School.


How Can I Ensure my Child is Safe with the Tutor?

All of our tutors are CRB checked before they are offered work. However, you may prefer to remain in the same room as your child. This sort of arrangement often works well. If it causes distraction for your child, then you may want to leave them alone with their tutor and keep the door ajar so that you can monitor their progress remotely.


How Do You Assess your Tutors' Performance?

We will ask you to provide us with feedback about their level of service. Anyone assigned to teach your child will also need to show us any lesson plans that they have used, or intend to use. This enables us to successfully audit the quality of the service that they are providing and check that your child is getting the most from their learning. Our After School tutors are also closely monitored and receive yearly appraisals.

Can't find the answer you're looking for?  Please do get in touch with us and we'll do our best to help you.