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Easter Creative Writing Course

Easter Intensive Creative Writing Revision in Wallington, Surrey

(8-11 years old)

Week 1: 13th April, 10:am to 1.00 pm (£45.00)

Available Places: 5

Name of Project: Island Adventure

·      Recap Part of Speech/Figure of Speech using 5 senses, story mountain and 5Ws.

·      SHOW Not Tell.

·      Power words and sentences (WISE and HANDY)

·      Describing an island/Describing  your arrival

·      Writing a diary including its structures and features

·      Writing an instruction including its structures and features  

Week 2:  20th April, 10:am to 1.00 pm (£45.00)

Name of Project: Animal Park

Available Places: 6

·      Designing a leaflet ( persuasive and catchy slogans)

·      Features of an effective advert

·      The difference between the formal and informal letter

·      Informal letter (writing to a cousin)

·      Features of magazine and newspapers article

·      Write a newspaper article

 How to book a place?

Contact Agnes on 07870906047 or email: