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WELCOME!!!! Here at Simplified Education, we make learning¬†simple and fun….

Finding a tutor who can further your child’s academic development is difficult. As a parent, you need reassurance that the person in question has been properly vetted and that they are suitably qualified in their subject area.

Simplified Education is run by someone who is not just an experienced teacher, but a parent, too. So you can rest assured that, as a business, we fully understand your concerns and know how to find professional tutors who can help your child to realise their potential.

Our commitment to you as parents is demonstrated by the level of support that we offer. Throughout the teaching process we will encourage you to provide feedback about your tutor. This helps us to begin a practical dialogue with them and ensure that your child is getting the most from their learning.

We also invest a great deal of time in our tutors by providing them with ongoing training; so you can rest assured that we are as interested in their development as that of your child.

Your tutor will aim to provide a warm and personal service that will help you and your child to feel at ease. We respect your need for confidentiality and would like to reassure you that we will never disclose any information about your child’s progress to any third parties.

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